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Russian Milsurp


Russian Tactical and Assualt vests

Russian Tactical chest pouch with knapsack

Has 8 ak47 magazine pouchs,or 4 rpk and 4 ak47 magazine pouchs.4 grenade pouches,internal pocket for documents,knapsack on rear of vest with 5 gallons of space,extra stuff can be put on the belt shovels,flashlights knifes.Woodland camo only.Gretta fabric with a water resistant covering.Weights 1 kg. $40 dollars.

Russian Shotgun Tactical vest

10 ak47 magazine pouches,24 loops for shotgun ammo,pouch for tools,large equiptment pocket,inside pocket for documents,nylon fabric water resistant material.Weighs 2.6 pounds $89

Russian Tankborne infantry vest.
pocket for binoculars,pocket inside vest for documents,8 ak 47 pouches,4 pockets for flares bayonets or flash light,woodland camo 100%nylon,2pounds $60 dollars

Russian Tactical vest tarzan 22

Pouch for 8 ak mags,4 grenades,bayonet knife pouch or signal flares,first aid kit pouch,2 pockets for documents,black,od green,woodland camo,nylon water resistant 2 pounds.$ 75 dollars

Russian Tactical Riz 16 vest 10 ak47 magazine pouches,pouch for 20 rounds of 762 ammo,pouch with holster for makarov or similar guns,pouch for 24 rounds of shotgun ammo12 16 20,nylon material,waterresistant material.2 pounds $90 dollars.